The tag thunder project is a research work conducted within the GREYC research lab at the University of Caen Normandie.

This research work was funded by the ’Region Normandie’ with the CPER NUMNIE project.

This project aims to provide new ways to access web page content for blind users in order to enable a faster skimming of content.

Skimming and scanning are two strategies for speed reading. Skimming allows a reader to get a first glance of a document, while scanning is the process of searching for a specific piece of information in a document. While both techniques are available in visual reading mode, it is rather difficult to use them in non visual environments. We introduce the concept of tag thunder, to provide speed reading non-visual techniques similar to skimming and scanning. A tag thunder is the oral transposition of the tag cloud idea. Tag cloud key terms are presented with typographic effects depending on their relevance and number of occurrences. Within a tag thunder, the relevance of a given key term is translated into specific speech effects and its position on the page is reflected in the position of the corresponding sound on a 2D stereo space. All key terms of a tag thunder are played together, following a concurrent speech strategy, exploiting the cocktail party effect.


Tag thunder generator demo : create tag thunders or listen to tag thunders already made.